Pro Air X


Juergen Robert GRAFMUELLER

Dipl.Ing.(Univ.), Captain A 320/330 , Hptm.d.R. GAF

General Manager, CEO and owner Pro Air X PTE. Ltd.

Juergen accumulated over 10 000 hours as PIC on aircraft over 7o tons MTOW for various airlines around the world. In the German Air Force GAF and the US Air Force, he flew over 2000 hrs as a Fighter Pilot & Instructor Pilot.

He served a total of 15 years (1980-1995) as an officer for the Federal Republic of Germany. Juergen gained his operational skills in the Fighter Bomber Wing FBW 431 in Oldenburg and specialized in Electronic Warfare.

Subsequently, he was selected to become an Instructor pilot on Alphajet in FBW 492 in Fuerstenfeldbruck,- preparing the future Alphajet pilots and Tornado crews for the tasks to come.

In 1991, Fighter Bomber Wing 43 was called upon to deploy to Turkey for Operation ACE Guard during the second Gulf War. AMF Allied Mobile Force was the quick reaction force, activated by NATO Headquarters. This was the first deployment of the Luftwaffe post World War II. Juergen was tasked to supervise and select a rapid upgrade on Alphajet Electronic Warfare capabilities,- known as KWS „Kampfwertsteigerung“.

His last tour in Sheppard AFB Texas completed the cycle for a Fighter Pilot. He trained future NATO Fighter pilots on the fundamentals of military flying in the T-37. Additionally, he was named Academic Instructor and Instructional Program Developer, writing the course ware for 2 academic courses in AETC USAF.


From 1996- 2017, the new challenge was Civilian Airline Operations, starting as a First Officer on Airbus 330-300 with LTU International Airways in Duesseldorf, Germany. After having experienced all aspects of short and longhaul operations, Juergen succeeded to become the first Copilot, who was awarded the position Technical Pilot.

Juergen phased in the first A 332, followed by the first A 320 for short Haul Operations. Additional challenging projects were:

Pilgrim Operations Jeddah

departure optimisation airport EDDL: A 333/320/321, B 757/767

Cost Index computations including flight testing on the route EDDM-EDDL for cost saving

After being promoted to Captain on A 320/330 MFF, the unpresented option of unpaid leave opened up astonishing new experience levels.  TRI qualification on A 320/330 was achieved. Juergen joined:

Air China: 6 month as PIC1 long range A 332

Vietnam Airlines: 2 1/2 years PIC1 A 332. on the side, ProAirConsult Ltd. was started in Singapore, being tasked with thesis papers on VNA profit optimisation and Vietjet assessment on operational profissioncy for the Financing Fonds from Taiwan.

From 2014-2017, the return to Air Berlin as Captain MFF 320/330 longhaul should have phased in the retirement plans. Due to bankruptcy of Air Berlin, the opportunity of flying for Turkis Airlines from 08.2018-12.18 opened up completely new perspectives.

ProAirX PTE Ltd. was restarted in November 2018, and the new challenge of Consulting and Pilot Brokerage is the task on hand.

Languages: English, German, French.

Nguyen Ngoc Thuy
Thuy was awarded the title of Bachelor of Information Technology at the Industrial University of HCMC.  She accumulated work experience in International Business Environment since 2004 in various positions. Director and owner of Green Metal Co., Ltd (GMC) since 2012; Director of Even Management Vietnam Co, Ltd (EMV) since 2012 and many more.

Languages; English, Vietnamese