Pro Air X

T38/T38 IFF

The T38 Talon, used as an advanced trainer aircraft in the USAF and ENJJPT, reaches its life span limit in the year 2025. For many years, different aircraft manufacturer have taken on this task and offer various new trainers along with new syllabi. Present 5th generation fighters (F22, F35, Typhoon, SU35) require new syllabi.

Trainers like the BAE Hawk, Aermacchi 346, T50 and L39 offer the best solution for this task. Pro Air X PTE. Ltd. has been involved in the analysis of data for many years. The gap between T6 and high end fighter has to be closed by an affordable and competent trainer aircraft! We have all come to terms with this decision for the next 30-40 years. For further details, we are happy to assist you in any aspect. Professionals at your service.

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