Our support for poor children in Vietnam

ProAirX and Pilotairx are supporting poor children in Vietnam
since January 2013. We started our support with setting up
a charity concert of Otto Sauter, one of the most famous Trompete
players in the world.

As we are aware of our social responsibility, we do contribute
to Huynh De Nhu Nghia Shelter in HoChiMinhCity and to
the Kindergarten in Nha Trang.

These young children deserve to get a chance in life!

The girls in HCMC are all blind as consequence of a gene’s defect,
resulting from the poisonous Agent Orange in the war against USA.
The catholic shelter is teaching them, how to master their own lives!
Exemplary is a blind young woman, who presently is attending a US
university with a scholarship. It’s an incredible achievement of her.


The kindergarten in Nha Trang supports children of poor parents,

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who cannot afford to raise them. As the pictures show, the kindergarten is short of any supplies for the 103 pupils. The food is very basic; books and toys are missing!

Our contributions go directly to the children in need! In order to make sure, that they benefit directly, we did give them books, pencils, toys etc. as Christmas presents!


If you would want to help us in our projects,

please contact us via email.
I, Juergen R Grafmueller, personally assure, that 100% of your money goes directly to the children.
No money is wasted on organization or other soft costs!

Thank you for your help!