MIFC® Project

The last frontier of passenger flights are nonstop, point to point, Ultra Long Range ULR flights.

With newest generation wide body aircraft, like the Airbus 350 and the Boeing 787 series, any airport can be connected to any other airport around the world without a time consuming stop!


From the technical point of view, this task is achievable now.

This type of business model is very profitable for the airline as well as for a special group of passengers.

Even so these new generation aircraft fly with a lower cabin altitude in cruise, which also increases the air humidity in the cabin, human bodies still are at risk!


The unsolved task is the physiological and psychological restriction of the human body; passengers as well as aircrews.


Thrombosis, insufficient blood circulation and psychological stress are some serious issues, which have to be solved for a flight of 20 hours duration.

Various airlines around the world are researching this problem.

It is crystal clear, that if these ULR-flights are conducted, they are highly profitable. But only, if the flights don’t have to stop enroute for medical emergencies!

The team of ProAirX PTE Ltd is conducting airline consulting for economical efficiency, route structure planning and aircraft specifications.

Due to the vast experience in airline management, the following worldwide patent for massage in flight was developed and registered in accordance with German law.

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The massage in flight container MIFC® follows the design of an ULD, which has common dimensions for any wide body aircraft.

Therefore, the MIFC® can be removed or installed during ground operations within reasonable time. The system is highly adaptable to the needs; similar to the Crew rest Containers. Various numbers of these MIFC® can/ should/ must be installed for each single ULR flight!

It is our recommendation that at least 2 MIFC® should be on board of any ULR flight. The key argument is safety of flight for Crew and passengers, which is increased drastically by this tool. Individual consulting will be offered and required.

The MIFC® consists of:

2 massage benches

1 shower cabin

1 chair for changing clothes or foot massage.


The in flight massage program will be adapted to the physiological needs of each passenger!

Taking a shower after the massage will be a highlight for each passenger and crew!

In case of any sickness of a passenger/ crew, the MIFC® can be modified into a mobile hospital room with all necessary emergency equipment available. Privacy of the patient is guaranteed- which is a huge advantage in regards of the psychological effects on patient and fellow passengers!

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ProAirX team has the appropriate recommendations and professional assistance for the type and style of massage as well as the medical professionals at hand. The team consists of:


Mrs.  Anh, the owner and CEO of VinaSpa in HoChiMinh City,

is our specialist for training and certification of massage professionals. She holds various internationally recognized degrees from Japan, Vietnam, USA and Thailand. Mrs. Anh will train and design the massage programs to satisfy the inflight requirements, adapting to the individual needs of the passenger.


Dr. Peter w. Frank, MD PhD GP AvMed OcM, EASA and FAA Senior medical Specialist

is our medical advisor. He accumulated decades of experience as doctor, specialized in aeronautical training and certification in Germany and USA.


Test Pilot (retired) and Chief delivery pilot (retired) Airbus 330/350

ready for immediate consulting ,independent of Airbus company opinion.


Capt. / Master of Science Air& Space technologies Juergen R Grafmueller

with management experience, having accumulated in excess of 10000 hrs long range worldwide operations in different companies.


Access to many more professionals in various long range operators (low cost/traditional) around the world! Wide network to pilots, managers, technicians, cabin crew, route specialists available!


ProAirX is front running the consultations on this new challenge.

There is no doubt, that market leadership will be the key element for efficiency and profitability for airlines, crews and passengers!

Furthermore, once this service will be offered from a single airline; all others in the ULR-flights segment will have to follow. We are even confident to say, that the MIFC® will be implemented on every Long Range flight in excess of 10 hours flight time.